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After days spent in Athens I moved on a island that is located in front of Athens… the island of Aegina. Is a peaceful island away from mass tourism, where there are mainly locals and Athenians who come to spend their holidays on an island easily accessible. When I took this picture I was in the island’s capital “Egina” which of course is the reference center of the whole area. I found this micro beach on the road leading out of the center of Aegina on which there was this small dock on the sea.

I take some shots using bracketing over the area to have good exposure for the sky and clouds and I shot a exposure to get a strong focus on the foregroud. With the passing of time that carried on the increasingly light toward the blue hour, I started doing more and more tests with exposure compensation up to that have not come into a state of low light. I set a value of -5 exposure compensation on my D800 with a 20-second exposure time, I managed to get good results (I know I have to decide to buy photo filters) 🙂


I start my edit with the sky, using the Luminosity Masks it was very easy to bring down the exposure of the sky without affecting the entire image. Then was the turn of a Dodge and Burn intervention to clean water from reflections and to brighten other part of the frame too darks. With the help of Color Lookup adjustment layer I added two effect to the frame, I am talking about Foggy Night and Drop Blues using a lower opacity 15-20% to give a small surreal effect to the frame. Using this technique I give more impact to the sunset light on the edge. As a final step I increased the details on the entire imag and contrasts, again making use of Luminosity Masks combined with the curves tool. For the last touch I use Color Efex pro filter to add a small vignette using Darken Lighten Center filter.


Camera: Nikon D-800

Lens: Nikon 14-24mm f/2,8 (Shot at 14mm)

Five Exposures (-2; -1; 0; +1; +2) + Long exposures shots

ISO: 100 at f/11

Software: Photoshop CC2015.5

Plugin: Color Efex Pro

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