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HDR Tutorial Part 4 – How to Improve your HDR

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As you can see, there are some differences between the image of Photomatix and the finished one. This final part of HDR Tutorial makes the bigger differences in your image, but here, the personal taste is very important. You can use typical correction tools of Photoshop, such as curves, levels, contrast etc … or use

HDR Tutorial Part 3 – Photomatix Settings

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PREPARING THE IMAGES First thing to do is to import the RAW exposures into Lightroom or Photoshop to convert them into Jpeg cause the conversion and the merge of RAW files is not the best with Photomatix. CORRECT THE EXPOSURES Now you need to make some corrections and then sync the images, these changes concern Chromatic

HDR Tutorial Part 2 – Shooting HDR

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BEFORE YOU SHOOT When it comes to HDR photography, a photographer has to consider different  steps before shooting. However, we still need to see the various aspects of light and the image composition. Before taking a photo is very important to think about these elements, the background, the capture of detail and the light avaiable.

HDR Tutorial Part 1 – What is HDR?

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WHAT IS HDR? The HDR stands for  High Dynamic Range photography. It ‘s a method of image processing where the interval between the lightest and darkest  part of image is wider than the traditional methods. The processing of HDR passes through a blending of multiple shots at different exposures carried out in order to compensate

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