TTS Pro – The Complete Digital Blending tool for Photoshop


16 Bit Luminosity Masks Panel

Istant Digital Blending

Color Masks

Great Control of your Masks

Beautiful Orton Effects

Great control of Contrasts

Amazing Details

Awesome Filters

Golden/Blue hour boost

Perfect savings

Easy Vignette

Easy Watermark

Clean C.A.

Reduce Noise

Get TTS Pro

Fast, easy and 100% secure download

Fast, easy and 100% secure download


Which PS version is compatible with TTS Pro?

TTS Pro it’s compatible with all photoshop CC versions

Is TTS Pro Compatible with CS6?

TTS Pro is not compatible with CS6 and previous PS versions. It only works from CC (2015) and latest

The download have instructions?

There is a pdf online link inside the panel, that explain the correct use of the panel with youtube links, anyway the panel is very intuitive and easy to use

Will this work with Photoshop Lightroom or Elements?

I’m afraid but the panel only running in Photoshop. Currently the panel works in all versions of CC (including latest)

What does lifetime updates mean?

Lifetime updates means that all customers of TTS Pro get every single new update for free. They do not have to purchase the new releases of TTS Pro again when it will be update

Which languages does TTS Pro support?

The panel works in all language versions of Photoshop, but the panel is always in English

What is the current version of TTS Pro?

The current version is 2.0

The panel is compatible with MAC M1/M2 Silicon Chip devices?

Yes! The download inlcudes a UXP version fully compatible with M chip Silicon devides

Is this Windows 11 Compatible?

This is 100% compatible with Windows 11