Mastering Luminosity Masks

Learn the use of Luminosity Masks and Digital Blending, along the tutorial you will learn using this technique and make your own style to start creating beautiful images. Along the video you will also learn to create your own actions using dodge and burn, orton effect, apply details selectively and color filters.


  • Luminosity Masks main application in the field
  • Complete workflow with the use of Luminosity Masks
  • Complete workflow using digital blending techniques
  • Luminosity Masks Actions – Example Images

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Do I need TTS Pro Panel for this course?

No you do not. TTS Pro will make your workflow much easier, but I have made this course without the use of TTS Pro.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone wanting to go from experienced beginner to advanced in shooting and post-processing. It is not for absolute beginners to photography or Photoshop. You must know the how to take the shots like the images shown inside videos, so for example bracketed shots and understand the basics of photography. For Photoshop you must know the basics (layers, layer masks, duplicate, merge and some shortcuts).

What are the software requirements?

The only software you need is Photoshop.

Can I watch the videos on other devices?

Yes you can. Just download the files to your computer, unzip them, and then transfer the videos to another device.

Is this a physical product or a download?

This is a download only. After the purchase a download link will be sent to the email insered in the purchase window