Hi, my name is Giuseppe Sapori, author of this website, created by yours truly to show my work, my travels, my blog news and the techniques I use in my photos.

I was born and I live in Rome –  Italy, a fascinating city full of history, culture and art. However I call myself a lover of travel and adventures, over the years I have developed a keen interest in the discovery of new places especially for city art or places of natural beauty

My personal goal is to, photograph the world, discovering places increasingly fascinating and document them here, this site will be my photo diary to share with you suggestionsexperiences and photographic tutorials and advices.


Most of all, my expertise is in the field of Landscape Photography using all the techniques that improve visual impact and inspiration. I have over many years of professional experience using Photoshop, my photos have been published and exhibited in several publications, exhibitions and galleries.

In my style of photography I always tend to improve the visual impact, I love the colors and details, of these components that leaves room  for imagination and inspiration. Photography is for me focused on the exaltation of beauty, I love to play on the bundaries between photography and art. In all this years, photography has increased even more my passion for art, for travel and for share my works


In 2014 I closed my old blog to open The Time Stuck, changing the name and some contents objects. I knew when deciding to change blog on a good name for the site that it had to be something memorable, something different and something that had some personal significance.

I needed a name for my blog that enclose in a few words the essence of what I do, the moment of the photograph is a moment that remains stuck and relate that picture brings the mind back to that moment.  I created this blog with the intent to share my travels experiences, travels photographs and all and all the experience gained in these years of Photography. All these are moments stuck in time by photography that can remember that trip, that experience related to that shot.

Consider this website as resource for your ispiration. Browse the sections of this site, you will find many travel spots, shooting tips, tutorials and downloads. I hope you find what you are interested to improve your photography and your processing workflow, leave me comments if you have any question or suggestions. I’m grateful to hear you