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The Complete Guide To Long Exposure Photography

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Car trails, water like silk, milky way, startrais and moving objects: These are just some of the uses that can be made with long exposure photography Long Exposure Photography is a photographic technique that has become very popular during the lasts years. This kind of photography technique uses long shutter speed times to exalt every feature of

How to Plan and Shot the Milky Way

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Astrophotography  is a fascinating world, finding yourself under a magnificent starry sky is an experience that everyone likes, it is always fascinating for me to photograph the night sky and enjoy stars photography Years ago photographing the stars at night was something that perhaps few people would have the lucky to do, but today with modern DSRL and technologies,

5 Useful Tips to Shoot into Sun Direction

When shooting during sunset, take them into sun direction will make the difference and transform your images, it allows you to enhance the entire balance of light in your frame and make a beautiful look to the image. When I can I always shoot into sun direction but there are few rules that can allows you to

HDR 32 bit

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What is HDR 32 bit? It’s a different method of processing and merge the brackets exposures. You know that you can reach a good results with Photomatix that use the tonemap method. Tonemapping usually use 16 bit mode, this really boils down to is the volume of information that is stored within a file. Tonemapping

Shooting during the golden hour

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The light in all kind of photography is the main element, the value added to our images. A photo with good light is a good picture regardless of the subject, so it is important always taking pictures in those moments where the sunlight is softer and warm. This moment is called the Golden Hour and

Handheld HDR Tutorial

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Usually, I use a tripod to make my HDR photos. The use of a tripod for this kind of photography is important for the clarity of the images, to align themselves and to avoid blur. The main reason people recommend a tripod with HDR works, is the difficulty getting the 3 images to align properly. However

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