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How to Photograph the beauty of Autumn Colours

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Autumn offers many photographic opportunities for the beauty of his colours and moody shots and is therefore one of the favorite seasons of landscape photographers. Capturing the colours and the atmosphere of autumn is not so obvious, so in this guide we will see how to photography the beauty of the autumn colours following this

5 Useful Tips to get Sharpen Landscapes

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Achieve sharpen images is one of the goals of every lanscape photographer. Creating razor sharps images can take photography to the next level and bring your landscape works looking better To achieve sharpen images, just consider some passages when you’re shooting, there are few simple tricks. Some beginners photographers don’t always pay attention to this

How to read Histogram for Better Photography Exposure

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The histogram is an incredibly powerful tool that allows us to discover important aspects of the light during shooting, it is a great tool to better understand the correct photographic exposure. Learning how to read the histogram can take photography a step ahead and improve your photography exposure Histogram Basics The Histogram is a phisical

All you need to know to Photograph Waterfalls

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During my photographic trips it often happens to be in the places that have waterfalls nearby and every time I don’t miss the opportunity to go and visit some of them.The reason for this is that in addition to their natural beauty and charm of the fullness of nature they have an incredible variety Waterfalls

5 Useful Tips to Focus in Night Photography

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With the arrival of summer it is also the perfect time to start doing some night shots. Like many landscape photographers I also love night photography and some time ago I wrote this guide about how to plan and shot the Milky Way While shoting for the stars usually we are completely in the dark

7 Composition guidelines for Better Landscape Photography

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7 Composition guidelines for Better Landscape Photography   Composition is the main key in photography. Light, location and post processing are always really important but without a good composition, the image will never be a very good shot On the web there are so many articles on this thread, often are called rules but since

The Complete Guide To Long Exposure Photography

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Car trails, water like silk, milky way, startrais and moving objects: These are just some of the uses that can be made with long exposure photography Long Exposure Photography is a photographic technique that has become very popular during the lasts years. This kind of photography technique uses long shutter speed times to exalt every feature of

How to Plan and Shot the Milky Way

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Astrophotography  is a fascinating world, finding yourself under a magnificent starry sky is an experience that everyone likes, it is always fascinating for me to photograph the night sky and enjoy stars photography Years ago photographing the stars at night was something that perhaps few people would have the lucky to do, but today with modern DSRL and technologies,

5 Useful Tips to Shoot into Sun Direction

5 Useful Tips to Shoot into Sun Direction When shooting during sunset, take them into sun direction will make the difference and transform your images, it allows you to enhance the entire balance of light in your frame and make a beautiful look to the image. When I can I always shoot into sun direction but there

10 Tips To Improve Your Landscape Photos

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10 Tips To Improve Your Landscape Photos   I Have always been a lover of  Landscape photography. A suggestive spot, natural locations or a beautiful sunset over the sea for me have always been something unique, a moment to stuck. In my experience I have made ​​many mistakes during my shots over that places, but I’ve

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