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Light Bleeding Tutorial

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In this tutorial we’ll see how to add a beaufitul warm light and enhance the lights in the sky in a few easy steps. This technique is called Light Bleeding and consists in painting this light inside the image Simply adjusting the opacity in the various areas of the sky and in the points that

How easily create Color Value Masks for precise selections

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Few weeks ago I published an article called how to use color range to select highlights, in this article we’ll talk about how the color range tool is very helpful for making a quick and precise selection of all highlights making easy digital blending between exposures This type of adjustment can also be used to

How to Recover Highlights and Shadows Selectively

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A very effective method that I often use to recover highlights and shadows selectively in Photoshop is through the help of curves adjustment layer that give the possibility to better manage the light according to the widest needs. Curves adjustment layer are one of my fav adjustments, very versatiles and easy to apply. To make

5 Post Processing tips for Better Landscape Photography

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The power of landscapes is something magical that captures, that attract, that relaxes us. Being transported by the images of natural landscapes is something that fascinates, that allows us to imagine and transport As a landscape photographer in shooting natural sceneries I always try to guide the viewer’s eye in the frame and post production

Digital Blending Using Color Range

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Among my favorite subjects there are certainly the cityscapes, during my travels in Asia I had the opportunity to explore urban landscapes like these many times, which offer beautiful shots from an architectural point of view, especially at dusk in these spots you can work with colors of city lights in contrast with the night

How to Dodge and Burn using Luminosity Masks

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Dodge and Burn is a very used technique in photoshop, it allows you to emphasize some of the main elements a image focusing on some points of it. Dodge and burn is mainly use to guide the viewer’s eye to the leading lines. Some time ago I wrote an article about this technique called Dodge

Highlights & Shadows Enhancements with TTS PRO

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  In this tutorial is shown how to use the highlights and shadows enhancements using TTS PRO The first group of highlights and shadows adjustments are in the field warm and cold filters – they are Warm Highlights – Cold Highlights – Warm Shadows – Cold Shadows The main use of these buttons is to accentuate

Colours Enhancements using TTS PRO

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  In this new video we will see how to use the colours adjustments buttons using TTS PRO panel.  The colour correction is composed by Auto Correct – Colour Adjust – LAB Colour and Autumn Colour and in the finishing page we can find a Black and White conversion Auto Correct will automatically correct your

Light Bleeding and Glow Applications using TTS PRO

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In this new video tutorial we will see how to use the glow buttons using TTS PRO panel.  We can take advantage of the two effects in various ways including that to lighten and give a touch of brightness, give more strength and a magical look to the lights, add vignettes, or add more heat

4 Methods to Correct Color Cast in Photoshop

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  In this tutorial we will see how to correct color cast fastly and very effectively, I selected 4 methods among most used for final results. some of these techniques are more rapid other more longer,  below you will find all this methods starting from the easiest to the most longer. This is because not all the techniques work in

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