Photography composition is always a very important element in photography. Through the composition the photographer captures the viewer’s attention the most and what distinguishes a professional hand from an amateur one. The most used photography compositions are the rules of thirds, leading lines, contrasts, framing add foreground elements etc…I published an in-depth article on compositions that I recommend you read at this link

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of photographic compositions with a prominent foreground using the focus stacking technique  to keep each element of the image in focus. Combining focus stacking with digital blending  I captured over the years many photos during golden hour with a warm fill light over my scenery with good results

However can happen that light conditions during dusk could not to have the right lighting that would be needed on your foregrond subject. In all these cases I started using a spot light to light up my foregrounds to deal all these situations. I used some spotlights to apply on the flash shoe with nice results, but the main problem I encountered was in the use of external batteries to carry on and in the impossibility of regulating the light except through light diffusers. The result is that although all this brings a benefit in some situations on the contrary there is more stuff to carry on for a occasional use



So recently i had the opportunity to try in the field Lumecube 2.0 led light from Lumecube a portable and waterproof led light, designed to go wherever you go. Lumecube is a company that is leading the revolution in portable, durable and powerful lights for photo and video devices such as phones, cameras and GoPro. The dimensions of Lumecube 2.0 spotlight are as small as a golf ball and can produce 1500 lumens of LEDs for over 90 minutes, it does not require external batteries because it is recharged with a USB cable and has two diffusers included in the package. The light diffusers can be easily removed from its surface, they are not bulky at all, all the contents of Lumecube 2.0 fit into a backpack pocket and is ready for use

A great point in favor of Lumecube 2.0 is the possibility to turn it on and off and adjust the light via bluetooth directly via your mobile phone with the Lumecube app, a great convenience to avoid interacting on the machine mounted on the stand. Thanks to this I am finally able to lighten the foreground in the most different situations, even during night shots, in fact, I also used Lumecube 2.0  during my night shots not only to lighten the elements of the foreground but also as a further use of compositions. The uses of this small but powerful object can be the most disparate, you can also use it as a simple auxiliary light during your excursions but also for caves explorations, underwater, urban explorations, night sports and much more…

Below  some examples of images and photo compositions that could be made using an auxiliary light spot, I captured this images brightening the foreground or using the spotlight to compose the shot. Over the years I used this spot light to improve the luminosity of the foreground, having more light on the foreground elements it’s more easy to focus on them and make the most of the potential of focus stacking. Thanks to this it is easier to work in  post processing on an image captured with good light in all its key focus points, the result is more clear and  it is easy to manage the lighting of the points concerned. The uses can be many, just give space to the imagination

If you usually like me use spot lights in your shots, Lumecube 2.0 is what you need! Once you have it with you it will be your faithful photographic travel companion and beyond. if you want to know more about this product and about Lumecube, below you will find the link with all the information you need and my discount code for a 10%OFF on your purchase

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