Venice high tide beginnings

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The phenomenon of high water in Venice is common in winter and autumn. This photo shows a principe of raising of the water level. Obviously I could shoot this photo with confidence as the water level still rather low. I processed this picture with Photomatix from 3 exposures. I used Photoshop with layer masks to emphasize the colors and details stand out in some areas of the photo.

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novembre 29, 2011at 9:49 pm

Stunning. Great image

Flickr: pics by paula

novembre 29, 2011at 9:09 pm

Very good HDR.

Flickr: DavyNessie

novembre 29, 2011at 9:14 pm

I love Venice. Nice shot

Flickr: Helene Monticone

novembre 29, 2011at 9:34 pm

lovely ! love the colours

Flickr: enrique1959

novembre 30, 2011at 7:40 am

Magnifica toma, saludos

Flickr: dukemantree

novembre 30, 2011at 11:02 am

love the blues – nice compo!

Flickr: fang99

novembre 30, 2011at 12:22 pm

What an awesome shot!

Flickr: fred3445

novembre 30, 2011at 5:41 pm

Very nice processing……stunning shot too

Flickr: Daniel Mennerich (Thank you for over 825k visitor)

novembre 30, 2011at 7:48 pm

A wonderful hdr work!

Flickr: Le Lion 59

novembre 30, 2011at 6:58 pm

Très Jolie

Flickr: oscarvikingo

dicembre 1, 2011at 2:14 pm

Awesome. great shot

Flickr: Joel H Stewart

dicembre 1, 2011at 7:48 pm

Beautiful shot. Great detail. Vibrant colors! Nice processing.

Flickr: Osama Moh

dicembre 2, 2011at 12:06 pm

perfect shot

Flickr: {kristi jo}

dicembre 2, 2011at 5:07 pm

Beautiful shot in Italy!

Flickr: prdsra9

dicembre 3, 2011at 8:06 pm

Compliments, I like it; Please add this photo to
"as beautiful as you want" group

Flickr: anacer

dicembre 5, 2011at 10:53 pm

Vista en
Martes de Nubes / NWN Clouds Tuesday

Etiqueta la foto con "NWN"
And tag the photo with"NWN"
********* Feliz Martes de Nubes*********

Flickr: John LaMotte

dicembre 6, 2011at 7:45 pm

Vista en
Martes de Nubes / NWN Clouds Tuesday

Etiqueta la foto con "NWN"
And tag the photo with"NWN"
********* Feliz Martes de Nubes*********

Flickr: Joxmox

dicembre 7, 2011at 8:08 pm

Fantastic angle and colors.

Flickr: fraubry

dicembre 7, 2011at 8:27 pm

Très réussi

Flickr: Nik-On!

dicembre 9, 2011at 1:36 am

Great shot and colors, well done!

Flickr: fotosyl44

dicembre 27, 2011at 10:34 pm

C’est excellent la façon dont vous transformez la photo.

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