Turin skyline

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This is a view from the Mole Antonelliana in Turin. It is located in the middle of the city and it reaches a height of 167 meters. The Mole is the symbol of the city of Turin. Inside there is the cinema museum and to climb to the top there is a beautiful panoramic elevator completely transparent.
The top of the building is completely surrounded by a safety net  that made it impossible to use a tripod, so I made this HDR handheld, putting the camera through the cracks of the safety net that i use as support.

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Flickr: SolitudeWays.

dicembre 26, 2011at 5:26 pm

Magnifica, ciao e buone feste!

Flickr: Λουκάς

dicembre 26, 2011at 5:28 pm


Flickr: 1D110

dicembre 26, 2011at 5:31 pm

Fabulous conceptual work

Flickr: roverguybm

dicembre 26, 2011at 5:40 pm

excellent work

Flickr: M. David "Doc" Nelson

dicembre 26, 2011at 5:41 pm

Awesome! Well done!

Susan Altenberg

dicembre 26, 2011at 6:46 pm

This shot is amazing… i heart the sky 🙂

Flickr: melo99e [Picturesque Pilipinas!]

dicembre 26, 2011at 5:47 pm


Flickr: Carlos A Zapata

dicembre 26, 2011at 5:57 pm

Magnifica !!!!!

Flickr: Cees Petter

dicembre 26, 2011at 7:46 pm

Very nice.

Mark Neal

dicembre 26, 2011at 8:51 pm

Really nice composition and use of color.

Flickr: dukemantree

dicembre 26, 2011at 7:55 pm

some El Greco in there – nice work

Flickr: Bsandtana

dicembre 26, 2011at 8:11 pm

Gorgeous! Stunning and wonderful effect! Well done.

Flickr: squarzenegger

dicembre 26, 2011at 9:50 pm

un HDR veramente notevole

Flickr: Le Lion 59

dicembre 26, 2011at 9:02 pm

Très Jolieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Flickr: Jan Maklak

dicembre 27, 2011at 12:33 am

Well Done

Flickr: fang99

dicembre 27, 2011at 6:44 am

Fabulous picture!

Flickr: Giuseppe Sapori

dicembre 27, 2011at 8:00 am

Thank you all!

Flickr: /rtist //anabe

dicembre 27, 2011at 8:48 am

Nice shot! Here’s my version 🙂

Flickr: photoriel

dicembre 27, 2011at 2:37 pm

Impressive landscape !

Flickr: Pine1967

dicembre 27, 2011at 1:57 pm


Skies, Clouds, Suns & Moons

Flickr: Dude with a Canon

dicembre 27, 2011at 10:43 pm

So cool!

Flickr: J Rutkiewicz

dicembre 27, 2011at 11:42 pm

Fantastic work.

Flickr: Wittke Photography

dicembre 28, 2011at 2:50 am


Flickr: In2pix

dicembre 29, 2011at 12:38 pm

Interesting sky. Lovely POV. Exceptional work! Happy new year.

Flickr: androsce

gennaio 1, 2012at 10:57 pm


Flickr: Zeami

gennaio 31, 2012at 11:32 am

Great pov !

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