Giuseppe Sapori - The Way of Angels

So here I am again to photograph my city and definitely one of my favorite spots, Castel Sant’Angelo and its magnificent bridge, this is a wonderful location wherever you decide to photograph it from the banks of the river or the main bridge like in this case. The only small detail is that Ponte Sant’Angelo is full of tourists from all around the world, that cross up and down for photograph the castle in in each pose, 365 days in the year! Take a picture here without people is very difficult, but it could be much easier during sunrises or as in my case with a very gloomy day and a good nd filter 🙂
The day I decide to go to shoot Castel Sant’Angelo from the bridge it was near sunset in the evening on a day where it threatened rain all day (an element not to be underestimated because there is less people around tourist attractions) I used a nd1000 (I needed the most imaginable stop) to erase the dozens of people who continually passing in front of my camera… on 10/15 shots I made about only 2 photos came without too many people, and together with, in addition that a good deal of the clone stamp I have so been able to use to compose my final image 🙂


I selected 5 pictures of all my shots between some with less people in the bridge and others with cool sky colours, lights ecc, I blended the image togheder using luminosity masks and gradiend tool. I remove some remaining people ghost using clone stamp tool, then I launched dodge and burn to fix some lights and shadows in the bridge. I correct the color cast in the frame and removed the orange effect of it increasing yellows
With TTS Fast Panel I increased details and launched orton effect. I also increased contrast in the picture reducing a bit the exposure. The last step was to fix contrast and highlights using luminosity masks applied to curves adjustment layer and by creating a small vignetting to the image


Camera: Nikon D-800
Lens: Nikon 14-24mm f/2,8 (Shot at 14mm)
Different Exposures
ISO: 100 at f/9
Software: Photoshop CC2017
Extensions: TTS Fast Panel