The Shelter

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Giuseppe Sapori - The Shelter

In September I started exploring some areas looking for a place to photograph the Milky Way, since I had time until October to see it. So I start explore the area of Gran Sasso – Abruzzo an afternoon in late September located in Campo Imperatore where is an astronomical observatory. In the plain of Campo Imperatore it’s possible to admire a beautiful view of the mountains, the other ( behind my shot ) is located  the astronomical observatory and the Hotel Campo Imperatore, red coloured to be visible during the harsh winters of snow. During my tour, I scoured log cabins that serve the explorers to shelter from the cold during the crossings and this is one of those, A peaceful, greeny mountain landscape, il the result.

I shot 5 exposures for this picture, but I’ve only used 3, starting from the darker one. Indeed  the light was still too high and usually shooting always times close at dusk, so I started using the underexposed image using the others to bring up on light and detail. In this image I used the color lookup function to give greater emphasis to the greens and shades of sky.



Camera: Nikon D-800

Lens: Nikon 14-24mm f/2,8 (Shot at 14mm)

ISO: 100 at f/6,3

Five Shots (-2; -1; 0; +1; +2)

Software: Photoshop CC2015

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