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How many times have you thought that you would like additional protection for your lenses? Something that keeps them away from dust, water and humidity?

The universal Lens Cap by KUVRD is what you are looking for

Thanks to a collaboration with this american company I had the chance to try their fantastic universal lens caps. Beautiful made by excelent material they are the best for storing and trasport your lenses in all conditions

These lens caps come in two different sizes micro and magnum one

– The micro lens cap is made to fit lenses from 54mm to 76mm

– The macro cap is made to fit lenses from 72mm to 122mm

I received 2 micro couples lens cap and 1 magnum couple lens cap that I imediately tested on my lenses

The packaging is amazing and very funny because they are packaged like cosmetics, in general the product together with the packaging constitutes an elegant object that immediately transmits the sensation of good workmanship

I tested the lens caps that perfectly fitted each of my lenses. They should be used to replace the original caps or be placed on top of them for extra protection, you can also insert KUVRD lens caps as stack for super protect your lenses

The lens caps can be inserted both on the lower and rear part of the lens in order to obtain a protective barrier for your lenses. Completely “wrapping” the objective constitutes an element of greater safety and practicality to transport

The KUVRD Caps are ultra resistant, during my last trip to Korea I carried my lenses completely covering them with these caps the result is that I found carrying them very confortable. So I could carry my lenses in backpacks together with other objects without the danger of scratches, they are also an excellent remedy against humidity and dust

Furthermore, as you can see from the photos, all KUVRD caps have a white cross on them, which can be colored if necessary to allow easy recognition of your lenses under the caps

In conclusion I am very satisfied with this product and I believe that these caps are an excellent protection for our lenses

I would recommend buying it to all those who, during their photographic releases, find themselves in particularly difficult climatic conditions, rain, humidity, dust and risks of impacts are drastically reduced thanks to KUVRD lens cap, personally I will never be without

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