When I took this photo I was in a special place, a very special place that I found with after a bit of research on google earth in order to find waterfalls along my South Korea itinerary

This is precisely the first of my in trip researches resuls, reaching it was not easy but it was satisfying, together with this waterfall in the next post I will also show you another waterfall that is absolutely unique

However the light coming from the top of the waterfall was lovely, photographing it and capturing that light was my main goal since I reached the location

Behind me there were some tourists who take selfies in every way possibles 🙂 A very strange thing, throughout the entire journey in South Korea I didn’t see half photographer or landscape photographer who had a tripod or a DSRL, never happened before in all of life


I captured different shots in order to capture the best dynamic range, I blended 3 of them to obtain a final frame with the right light around the water and over the trees

I blended the shots using TTS Pro and luminosity masks to fix the lights around the rocks after the blend. Always with the use of my panel I increased the yellow colours of highlights and shadows using the warm colour filter

With the glow tool I incrased some lights over the main light spot and over the leafs on the trees, I decreased the luminosity in order to generate a more dark look and I applied a soft orton effect to emphatize this

I increased the vibrance of the colours around +10 using hue/saturation given more contrast using curves adjustment layer applied to luminosity masks

I hope you will find this usefull. I like to ear this from you!


Camera: Nikon D-800

Sigma 24-70 f/2,8 (used at 35mm)

Three Shots (-1; 0; +1)

ISO: 100 at f/16

Software: Photoshop CC2019

Plugin: TTS Pro