The Angels Stronghold

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From the same famous location of my latest post here’s a new angle of Castel Sant’Angelo, this time with the famous composition from behid of the bridge leading to the castle. This is one of the best spot to capture the castle with the statues of angels visible from below the bridge with the lighting of the street lamps that light up at dusk

Over the years I’ve done this shot many times and every time I tried to capture different conditions. This time I stay here during the golden hour of a rainy afternoon, when the sky open again after bad weather

I made this using bracketed shots to capture the entire dynamic range of the scene and to master the lights an colors in the sky


I digital blended the bracketed shots using TTS Pro using auto blend function, a very fast and at the same time accurate way to digital blend multple exposures. I increased sky colours using a warm filter applied selectively to the scene

After this I increased details removing the effect on the sky and on the water, I added some glow using the proper filter of color efex pro, than using the glow tool

I fixed yellow colour luminosity and saturation, than I incrase the colour vibrance of the frame and as final step I added a soft vignette and decrease slightly the luminosity


Camera: Nikon D-850

Nikon 14-24 f/2,8 (used at 22mm)

Focus Stacking

ISO: 100 at f/18

Software: Photoshop CC2021

Plugin: TTS Pro

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