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The Time Stuck - Summer Tour

Finally has arrived the moment of my summer vacation, in the 99.99% of cases this coincides with a good time where I can take a lot of photos. This year I chose Greece, is a long time I wanted to go there and finally I was able to arrange for this year.

I have attached a map with all the stages I visit, I describe the journey 😀

– I will arrive with the flight to Thessaloniki where from there I will move immediately by bus in the central area you see, where I will visit Trikala, Kalambaka and Meteora. I will finally be able to visit the Meteora, a beautiful place, a world heritage site where very special shrines stand on top of the mountains. It will be very difficult to visit them all, but definitely not miss the breathtaking views

– After the visit to the central area, also in the bus, I will return to Thessaloniki, where he will visit the city for 3 days. Particularly it attracts me the White Tower, the Arch of Galerius and the Basilica of St. Sofia

– From Thessaloniki I take a domestic flight to go to Santorini. The island needs no introduction, is one of the most fascinating islands of Greece, I have already pointed Oia and its beautiful sunsets …

– Last place but no less beautiful is Ios, I’m going to enjoy sea during these days and take time to look for some interesting glimpse of the sea.

Lastly I do not exclude the possibility of handing me to some other place in those areas that I mentioned, I hope I have time for handing me toward some day trip, especially during the period that I will be in Thessaloniki and Ios.

I take this opportunity to greet you and to wish happy holidays to all, status updates will be available on the Facebook page you find Here

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