Snowfall in Rome

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It was 27 years who was not a serious snowfall in Rome. I was a child, I have in mind some vague memory that I played with the snow with my parents. After all this time the snow has come back to visit Rome and I immediately equipped to photograph it.In the first image there are the snowy Fori Imperiali, one of the classic points of Rome daily destination turism. I took this picture from the Campidoglio, the highest point near it. I have not used a tripod but I put the camera to the columns at the top. HDR 3 shots in Photomatix and edited in Photoshop using layers stack for giving more emphasis to details and colors. Following is a series of images of the snowfall in Rome day…

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Flickr: myhnard

febbraio 5, 2012at 6:10 pm

wow nice shot…


febbraio 5, 2012at 7:10 pm

great shot

Flickr: Rubenuco

febbraio 5, 2012at 6:10 pm


Flickr: gilmolm

febbraio 5, 2012at 6:14 pm

Bellissimo (e unico) scatto!

Flickr: claudiophoto

febbraio 5, 2012at 6:18 pm

Grande cartolina!!!!

Ian McConnell

febbraio 5, 2012at 7:28 pm


Flickr: divebob8

febbraio 5, 2012at 6:41 pm

Have never "scene" this with snow. Well done.

Flickr: angelo greco

febbraio 5, 2012at 6:41 pm


Flickr: Stephen Pollard (Nothing Witty to Put Here)

febbraio 5, 2012at 7:48 pm

Gorgeous! I am not used to seeing these Roman ruins covered in snow.

Flickr: Walter D.

febbraio 5, 2012at 7:42 pm


Flickr: carlos albelda

febbraio 5, 2012at 8:11 pm

Insolita escena del foro. Buen trabajo, luz y color. Saludos.

Flickr: Flipintex

febbraio 5, 2012at 8:13 pm


Flickr: frankygoes2

febbraio 5, 2012at 8:17 pm

love rome! nice shot!

Flickr: P. G. J.

febbraio 5, 2012at 9:03 pm

Fabulous shot !

Flickr: Sterling750

febbraio 5, 2012at 9:13 pm

Snow in Rome – I never thought that woudl happen! Great image.

Flickr: fiammetta53

febbraio 5, 2012at 9:19 pm

Che bella!

Flickr: ● SandroG

febbraio 6, 2012at 2:23 am

what a cute expression…

Flickr: Le Lion 59

febbraio 6, 2012at 10:46 am

Très Jolie Photooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Flickr: fang99

febbraio 6, 2012at 1:27 pm

Beautifully taken!

Flickr: RaSeLaSeD – Il Pinguino

febbraio 6, 2012at 8:46 pm


Flickr: Soleil is me.

febbraio 7, 2012at 5:05 am

Excellent! my friend…
I have speechless..your artwork is so beautiful & thoughtfully:)
Hug a one you love everyday, life is too short…as we knew.

Quote of the Day;
First keep peace with yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.
Thomas Kempis said.

Flickr: Giuseppe Sapori

febbraio 7, 2012at 12:35 pm

Thank you!!!

Mark Neal

febbraio 7, 2012at 7:15 pm

Very interesting. Nice work Giuseppe.

Flickr: J Rutkiewicz

febbraio 8, 2012at 12:11 am

Fantastic capture.

Flickr: archifra -francesco de vincenzi-

febbraio 8, 2012at 2:07 pm

Wow She too says / Anche lei lo dice: Non stai pettinando le bambole!

Premio di

Flickr: Maximus DiFermo

febbraio 11, 2012at 8:18 pm


Flickr: WeeLittlePiggy

febbraio 17, 2012at 2:44 am



febbraio 18, 2012at 3:58 am

What a wonderful thing to see.

Thank you.

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