Snow Pass

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This avenue is the walkway inside the ancient Aurelian Walls in Rome. A long wall surrounding the ancient city. This HDR image was achieved with 3 shots processeded in Photomatix, texturized and edited using Photoshop.

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Flickr: BerColly

febbraio 15, 2012at 9:21 pm

Excellent capture!

Flickr: Juan Rubiano

febbraio 15, 2012at 8:30 pm

Great work !

Flickr: Benoît Thierard

febbraio 15, 2012at 9:34 pm

Great HDR ! Congrats !

Flickr: Stedony

febbraio 15, 2012at 9:59 pm

i like.. great shot

Flickr: Daniel Mennerich

febbraio 15, 2012at 11:39 pm

Its a real hdr gemstone photo!

Flickr: Nate Zoch

febbraio 15, 2012at 11:10 pm

Another Great National Geographic image:

National Geographic World Wide
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Flickr: Daniel Mennerich

febbraio 15, 2012at 11:12 pm

A wonderful hdr work!

I found this photo in 1-2-3 HDR

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Flickr: FeuerUndWasser

febbraio 15, 2012at 11:16 pm

Bel lavoro!

Flickr: Flipintex

febbraio 16, 2012at 1:37 am

Great textures!

Flickr: Le Lion 59

febbraio 16, 2012at 9:41 am

Un peu brouillon ???? Lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Merci pour cette belle photo
Thank you for this beautiful pictureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Flickr: SolitudeWays.

febbraio 16, 2012at 12:59 pm


Flickr: J-Picture

febbraio 16, 2012at 4:35 pm

i like this style

Flickr: dukemantree

febbraio 16, 2012at 7:08 pm

cool processing!

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