Shooting during the golden hour

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Giuseppe Sapori - Breathing View

The light in all kind of photography is the main element, the value added to our images. A photo with good light is a good picture regardless of the subject, so it is important always taking pictures in those moments where the sunlight is softer and warm.

This moment is called the Golden Hour and is representing the hour of sunrise or sunset where we can get these great lighting conditions that give the images taken with a flash. The Golden hour is the hour between the twilight atmosphere of dawn and dusk. It is not always easy to catch this moment simply watching on the light conditions, the Golden hour varies depending of time and area where you are, but luckily there is an easy tool to calculate it in your current location. It’s called Golden Hour Calculator, through this website, you will easily be able to calculate the Golden hour in the place you are.  You will find it simply by entering your current location, the two Golden hours (dawn and dusk) will be marked by two vertical yellow bands, one for the sunrise and the sunset. To know the exact start time and end of the Golden hour must stand with the mouse on the yellow line indicated, a message will tell you the beginning and the end of the Golden hour to get the best lighting conditions in your photos.

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