Ponte dei Sospiri

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This bridge is the most characteristic of Venice, located near Piazza San Marco, it connect the Doge’s Palace to the new prisons, it was once used as a transition from the inquisitorial room prison. It was until recently, under restoration, now you can see the completed work. This is a single shot HDR, the only solution to avoid the ghosting from the continuous passage in the canal of boats and gondolas.

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Flickr: raaisma

febbraio 26, 2012at 2:42 pm

This is fantastic. Love the distortion, well used here 🙂

Flickr: Dennis Cluth

febbraio 26, 2012at 1:52 pm

wonderful work

Flickr: SolitudeWays.

febbraio 26, 2012at 1:52 pm


Flickr: j@rs

febbraio 26, 2012at 2:00 pm

Preciosa perpectiba saludos

Flickr: mike1503

febbraio 26, 2012at 2:05 pm

Congratulations, I saw this wonderful photo in
"as beautiful as you want" group

Flickr: Noky Kang

febbraio 26, 2012at 2:06 pm

Beautiful shot!

Flickr: Flipintex

febbraio 26, 2012at 2:18 pm


Flickr: Kevin B Photo

febbraio 26, 2012at 2:25 pm


Flickr: Photoshop SP

febbraio 26, 2012at 2:57 pm

Great Shot. I’m a member of the Group http://www.flickr.com/groups/hdrsincomplejos/ and I invite you to add your pic.

Buena Fotografía. Soy miembro del grupo http://www.flickr.com/groups/hdrsincomplejos/ y te invito a añadirla.


Flickr: Flipintex

febbraio 26, 2012at 3:12 pm

Beautiful HDR!

Flickr: .:[ Wx Photography ]:.

febbraio 26, 2012at 3:29 pm

cool shot!

Flickr: dukemantree

febbraio 26, 2012at 3:34 pm

down the pipe…

Flickr: Mukul Banerjee (www.mukulbanerjee.com)

febbraio 26, 2012at 4:16 pm

I found this photo in 1-2-3 HDR

commented with FlickrComment

Flickr: P. G. J.

febbraio 26, 2012at 5:20 pm

Fabulous shot ! love this.

Flickr: carlosviajero89

febbraio 26, 2012at 5:43 pm

I found this photo in 1-2-3 HDR

Flickr: Morsar

febbraio 26, 2012at 7:38 pm

I found this photo in 1-2-3 HDR

Seen in the group"1-2-3 HDR (Post 1 – Comment 2 – View 3)" ( ?² )

Flickr: BA Wright

febbraio 27, 2012at 12:07 am

I found this photo in 1-2-3 HDR

Flickr: fang99

febbraio 27, 2012at 6:37 am

Congratulation ! Brilliantly done.

Flickr: Le Lion 59

febbraio 27, 2012at 8:10 pm

Merci pour cette belle photo.
Thank you for this beautiful pictureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Flickr: Steve Lundqvist

marzo 2, 2012at 6:22 pm

great picture

Flickr: Osama Moh

marzo 2, 2012at 9:39 pm


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