Nishiki Market

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During my stay in Kyoto my wake up in the morning was always very early. I took advantage of one of this mornings (the day i planned to visit kyomizu-dera and my latest post) to go after to visit Nishiki Market

This is another recommended place on all the Japan Guides and therefore also here late in the morning is filled with too many tourists and people, the experience and especially the photos a real ordeal. In the early morning of course there are fewer people and it would be a shame not to fully enjoy this place…

Nishiki Market in Kyoto is a picturesque and historic market where you can find a huge variety of foods, which in the eyes of foreigners (but somethimes even the Japanese themselves) may be “strange” and is definitely worth a visit here if only for take some souvenir photos

Some small shops have been open for generations and in this market there is an air of other times. Below you can find some shots that I made inside the market, shortly after the opening of the desks







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