Isola Liri Waterfall

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This morning I was in the province of Frosinone and I came across this little village called Isola del Liri. In the main square of this place there’s this waterfall that runs between the buildings and urban construction. See it for the first time is so special as funny. This  HDR is made from 5 shots processed in Photomatix. With Photoshop I increased the contrast, the level of detail and correct colors.

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Flickr: prdsra9

dicembre 3, 2011at 8:06 pm

Compliments, I like it

Flickr: M. David "Doc" Nelson

dicembre 3, 2011at 7:23 pm


Flickr: Massimiliano Serci

dicembre 3, 2011at 7:33 pm

Great shot!!!!

Please visit my shots

Flickr: salmonbear7

dicembre 3, 2011at 7:41 pm

Wow – love this shot. Nicely done~

Flickr: Margall photography – HDR & other

dicembre 3, 2011at 8:27 pm

immagine molto forte e di impatto…ottimo trattamento
buona serata

Flickr: Daniel Mennerich (Thank you for over 825k visitor)

dicembre 3, 2011at 10:23 pm

A wonderful hdr work!

Flickr: j@rs

dicembre 3, 2011at 9:41 pm

Fantastica toma


Flickr: Flipintex

dicembre 3, 2011at 10:22 pm

Beautiful shot!

Flickr: lewisfilms

dicembre 3, 2011at 11:01 pm


Flickr: J Rutkiewicz

dicembre 3, 2011at 11:19 pm

Nice work.

Flickr: kyramas

dicembre 4, 2011at 1:43 am

great processing!

Flickr: Dude with a Canon

dicembre 4, 2011at 7:55 am

Great job!

Flickr: Mishal Almesfer

dicembre 4, 2011at 12:59 pm

you have great photostream
i love your HDRs
well done my friend

from where did you learn your work flow ?

Flickr: MaTRaCH

dicembre 4, 2011at 1:32 pm

wonderful capture

Flickr: Giuseppe Sapori

dicembre 4, 2011at 4:27 pm

[] Thanks Mishal, I learned trying and trying… if you need some tips feel free to ask 🙂

Flickr: Nik-On!

dicembre 4, 2011at 4:51 pm

Lovely shot and POV, bravo!!!

Flickr: old tea

dicembre 5, 2011at 6:02 am

Excellent work, well done !!!!

Flickr: bio84

dicembre 5, 2011at 9:12 am


Flickr: Kombizz

dicembre 6, 2011at 12:07 am

nice one

Flickr: Captain Kimo – "Traveling Thailand & Cambodia"

dicembre 6, 2011at 1:36 am

Nice shot!

Flickr: Besser Photos

dicembre 6, 2011at 2:36 am

beautiful shot!

Flickr: Marco Pantanella –

dicembre 6, 2011at 1:50 pm


Flickr: Luis_LS

dicembre 6, 2011at 4:25 pm

Great HDR picture. That place is beautiful

Flickr: Joxmox

dicembre 7, 2011at 8:07 pm

Great detail and realization.

Toad Hollow Photography

dicembre 8, 2011at 7:05 pm

Wow, what a truly stunning image! Love your use of HDR to bring all the details and textures to life. Absolutely wonderful!

Giuseppe Sapori

dicembre 8, 2011at 8:53 pm

Thank you Toad.


dicembre 9, 2011at 1:26 am

Nice capture

Flickr: IanLudwig

dicembre 11, 2011at 11:05 pm

Dreamy HDR processing, well done. Thanks for adding me as a contact.

Roberto Sause

gennaio 7, 2012at 8:27 am

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