Infusion of Light

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Here we are still in my location of the last posts, this time with a vertical shot, in this photo I captured the icy foreground on this beautiful lake. I love the vertical angle precisely because of the perspectives that the light can give to the viewer

In my post Afterlight I told you about the light that was present in this location and the lighting that filtered through the mountains, in that circumstance I was able to capture a beautiful moment of light that hit the lake giving magnificent golden reflections

Here instead I tried to shoot a different scene more focused on perspectives and depth. I love this mountain scenery, the ice, the colors of the sky and those of the ice. I can’t wait to leave again for new winter destinations soon, I will update you on the subject as always


For this image I used the focus stacking technique, I blended the exposure with foreground in focus than the other exposure series with the mountain both using TTS Pro with my filters, after this I blended the shots for focus stacking

I increased details using my panel, I increased the level of yellow tones to give more light at the sunset applying a warming filter to luminosity masks.

Subsequently I added two types of orton effect: the first was the classic orton effect decreased to the opacity to 15% and the second was the orton effect dark, that emphatize the dark tones of the image… you can fin both filters inside my panel

I fixed the contrast and lights using luminosity masks, and helping myself with a brush in a new layer I lightened some dark areas of the picture and given more light to the highlights and clouds

As last touch I created a soft vignette to give more attention to the ice subject on the foreground

I hope you will find this informations usefull! I love to ear feedback from you!


Camera: Nikon D-800

Nikon 14-24 f/2,8 (used at 14 mm)

Single Shot

ISO: 100 at f/14

Software: Photoshop CC2020

Plugin: TTS Pro

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