5) How to remove noise in a HDR image

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The noise is one of the biggest problems of HDR. It can happen sometimes that we do not feel satisfied with the work achieved over just because the image is too noisy. Don’t worry about that: the noise is easy to eliminate, as there are several Photoshop plug-ins to do this. Personally I use TopazDenoise. 

TopazDenoise Photoshop plug-in offers the fastest and effective way to reduce heavy reduction noise putting unrivaled quality at your fingertips.
To remove noise with this plug-ins open your HDR image in Photoshop, create a new level and launch Topaz Denoise.

Apply the filter it may deem best for your image, I usually use jpeg moderate or jpeg strong. When you’re done click OK.

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Ilia Mahmoodi

novembre 15, 2011at 10:52 am

Question is: before pp how can i avoid too much noise in shooting? I’d like to get some hints. Sometimes i get good shots, but they looks like “bad” after pp trying to make hdr.

BTW great blog, keep the good work

    Giuseppe Sapori

    novembre 15, 2011at 1:13 pm

    Thanks Ilia,
    yours is a good question, to avoid noise in pp you have to take a good shoting phase. Images that can look good, sometimes after the HDR process can become too dark or too light.
    So try to perform a perfect balanced even exposure in your regolar shot avoiding too darks images, the bracketing of your camera will do the rest.
    For more informations read Shooting an HDR

Ilia Mahmoodi

novembre 15, 2011at 7:47 pm

Thank you, i’ll make some tries as soon as i can. Think about writing a correct camera setting guide for newbies like me, i think it will be useful and (at least by me) really appreciated 🙂
p.s t will be great if you add some tech notes on your pictures, not all the EXIF data but some hints on setting. Maybe some basic guide on HDR shooting before pp?. i think that there’s a lack of this kind of how-to all over the net.

    Giuseppe Sapori

    novembre 16, 2011at 8:42 pm

    Thank you for your interest, I will consider what you asked. 😀
    See you soon


novembre 23, 2011at 12:05 am

The best cure for noise is to avoid it. When shooting HDR spacing the exposures one EV apart, instead of the usual stated 2 EV produces an end image with far less noise in it in my experience. In addition, absolutely make sure you are capturing all that shadow detail. The deepest shadow in the longest exposure should be about one third of the way into the histogram from the left.

    Giuseppe Sapori

    novembre 23, 2011at 7:58 pm

    Hi Ljr,
    It’s right and important to capture shadow detail but this is also associated with longs exposures.
    Capturing details in the shadows you then get blown-out highlights.
    Using +2 / – 2 stops will give you less noise in the shadows and the HDR result will allow your software to estimate slightly better your room’s tonal response curves. Similarly, a more accurate tonal response curves is the main reason why photographers usually using 5 or more shots over.

Jenna Trivett

gennaio 8, 2012at 11:42 am

Its excellent as your other posts : D, thankyou for posting .

Efren Abdalla

gennaio 18, 2012at 9:59 pm

I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for posting .

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