After three years I returned to one of the locations I know very well to shot milky ways. Rocca calascio is an enchanting village surrounded by nature where time has stopped. Here are the remains of an ancient castle and the village that stood at its feet, all destroyed many years ago by an earthquake. Nowadays a new village has been built for the people who live here and the old village has recently found new life thanks to a strong recovery work given by tourism

I chose the location of this ruin with this door inside which was characterized by having the milky way on the side. I took this photo with a friend, I first took the first shot by inserting the subject in the composition, then I took a series of images with the goal to stack them in Photoshop


I started stacking all the images into Photoshop and worked with smart object and median, in order to obtain a noise free base shot. Nevertheless, after this process the milky way loses some details, for this I used another exposure captured to work specifically on milky way on Camera Raw. During this process I didn’t have to pay attention how sliders affcted the rest of the pictur because once done I masked out the milky way from the other part of the image

I used the image with the subject to insert it on the others with the help of a simple layer mask. At this point I started the general processing of the image which was essentially composed of dodge and burn on the milky way to bring out its colors and visibility in the best possible way

I adjusted the colors of the image, brought out the yellow glow more without taking away the original blue colors of the sky, I added some shadows details with the help of a specific flter of TTS Pro panel, I also fixed contrast, highlights and shadows using luminosity masks

As final steps I darkened the foreground a bit and I increased vibrance on the colours of the sky selectively


Camera: Nikon D850

Nikon 14-24f/2,8 (used @14mm)

Image Stack in Median

ISO: 5000 f/2,8

Software: Photoshop CC2021

Plugin: TTS Pro 2.0