Dark Passage

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Giuseppe Sapori - Dark Passage

To access to the upper floor of the inside of  Hagia Sophia basilica, you have to go through this hall that leads to the stairs. The light reflecting off the window in front of the chandelier and soft lighting makes in this room  an enchanting play of light. I made this HDR handheld because in Hagia Sophia you can not bring any kind of stands inside. I had to wait several minutes for anyone who does not pass in this room, it is a must to go upstairs.

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Flickr: ji-ko11

agosto 27, 2012at 9:21 am

beautiful work

Flickr: lregoli

agosto 27, 2012at 9:41 am

Wonderful pp!

Flickr: MikaRuo

agosto 27, 2012at 10:29 am

Quite cool pic =)


agosto 27, 2012at 10:30 am

Stunning capture!!!

Flickr: ldpr.rk

agosto 27, 2012at 11:04 am


Flickr: Dude with a Canon

agosto 27, 2012at 11:46 am

Great shot!! Interesting spot for such beautiful chandelier.

Flickr: Bohemien86

agosto 27, 2012at 12:02 pm

luce moderna su un set antico, la trovo veramente una scelta azzeccata soprattutto per la gestione dei colori

Flickr: Carlossan

agosto 27, 2012at 1:17 pm

Visto su / Seen on : HDR!

on "HDR!" group P1/C3.

Flickr: Labud

agosto 27, 2012at 4:44 pm

***This is amazing***

★Favorite Pictures★(P.1♥A.3)

Flickr: guendaeio

agosto 27, 2012at 6:05 pm

This Lovely and Luminescent Photo Was Lavishly Admired In Our Group

Luminosity and Light!

Flickr: Helgi Halldórsson/Freddi

agosto 27, 2012at 6:09 pm

This really rocks! Seen in

Photos That Rock!

Flickr: xDOP

agosto 27, 2012at 6:45 pm


Flickr: Daniel Mennerich

agosto 27, 2012at 9:58 pm

A wonderful hdr work!

Flickr: dhmann

agosto 27, 2012at 8:11 pm

Another Great HDR image seen in:

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Flickr: Daniel Mennerich

agosto 27, 2012at 10:36 pm

Its a real hdr gemstone photo!

Visto su / Seen on : HDR!

on "HDR!" group P1/C3.

Flickr: dukemantree

agosto 28, 2012at 1:34 am

very nice lighting

Flickr: Rudy Boyer

agosto 28, 2012at 9:20 am

nice shot

Flickr: Danica (Mariella Tammas)

agosto 29, 2012at 12:25 pm

THiS iS ReaL aRT

Seen in the group"Multi Mega Ship (no admin-invite needed)SWEEPER runs" ( ?² )

Flickr: kristi {Back from DCL}

settembre 2, 2012at 7:17 pm

Nice lines.

Flickr: Walter U

settembre 20, 2012at 12:31 pm

Aya Sofya is really a treasure

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