Castel Sant'Angelo

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HDR image of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome. It ‘a very ancient roman castle, in the five hundred century it was also used as a prison, now Castel Sant’Angelo is a very important tourist destination.To take this HDR image I put my tripod on the along “lungotevere”, I made three shots through the branches of trees. I processed the image with Photomatix and Photoshop, to eliminate reflections of the sun through the branches I used layer masks with the original and the underexposed shots.

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Flickr: SolitudeWays.

marzo 24, 2012at 7:45 pm



marzo 24, 2012at 8:56 pm

Great shot!

Flickr: tcr18h

marzo 24, 2012at 8:07 pm

Marvellous image, superb light and focus.

Flickr: Massimo Battesini

marzo 24, 2012at 8:11 pm

Bella foto!
Buon week end.

Flickr: dukemantree

marzo 24, 2012at 8:24 pm

really well done!

Flickr: picolojojo

marzo 24, 2012at 8:50 pm

Seen in:

***FAVORITE Natural Colors & Lights!

Flickr: hcorper

marzo 24, 2012at 10:02 pm

Great shot and beautiful reflections.

Flickr: Flipintex

marzo 25, 2012at 1:31 am

Nicely composed and great reflections.

Flickr: kristi jo photography

marzo 26, 2012at 12:32 am

Like the fading warm sunlight.

Flickr: ©EpicureanPiranha ~

marzo 29, 2012at 4:14 am

Beautiful perspective ~

Flickr: prdsra9

aprile 1, 2012at 7:28 pm

Please add this beautiful photo to
"as beautiful as you want" group

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