Burano houses of colours

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I took this picture in Burano, a small island in the Venetian Lagoon. The peculiarity of this island are the houses of rich colors. This picture is from 3 shots HDR edited in Photomatix and in Photoshop to enhance the brightness and the contrast.

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Flickr: cedmars

novembre 4, 2011at 7:29 pm

really good photo

Flickr: Dircinha –

novembre 4, 2011at 7:53 pm

***This is amazing***

Flickr: lhg_11

novembre 4, 2011at 7:54 pm

This Lovely and Luminescent Photo Was Lavishly Admired In Our Group

Flickr: prdsra9

novembre 4, 2011at 7:54 pm


Flickr: SolitudeWays_

novembre 4, 2011at 7:22 pm


Flickr: Francisco Curbelo Rodríguez

novembre 4, 2011at 7:27 pm

FAntástica composición y procesado.

Flickr: NatiLady

novembre 4, 2011at 7:31 pm

Great shot!

Flickr: jimhelge

novembre 4, 2011at 7:47 pm

Great effect! Love that light as well 🙂 Easy FAV 🙂

Flickr: dougclemens

novembre 4, 2011at 7:53 pm

Cool shot

Flickr: sjonnifj

novembre 4, 2011at 8:18 pm


Flickr: CelticRose55

novembre 4, 2011at 9:43 pm

This Lovely and Luminescent Photo Was Lavishly Admired In Our Group

Flickr: dukemantree

novembre 4, 2011at 8:44 pm

well done! -great compo & color!!

Flickr: olipennell

novembre 4, 2011at 10:32 pm

great shot

Flickr: Daniel Mennerich (Thank you for over 800k visitor)

novembre 5, 2011at 5:15 am

A wonderful hdr work!

Flickr: anwarsiak

novembre 5, 2011at 9:21 am

Beautiful !!

Flickr: Asterix.Photo

novembre 5, 2011at 11:49 am

This is a very classy shot.

Flickr: Aspex Design

novembre 5, 2011at 11:52 am

I found this photo in 1-2-3 HDR

Flickr: d h-j

novembre 5, 2011at 5:44 pm

Wonderful image!

Flickr: Osama Moh

novembre 6, 2011at 5:55 am

superb photo , well done

Flickr: Katelyn Rae Photography

novembre 8, 2011at 1:26 am

You have some amazing photos! They are truly inspiring 🙂

Flickr: maxcaos

novembre 10, 2011at 8:02 pm

bellissima, complimenti!

Flickr: Carlos A Zapata

novembre 12, 2011at 1:28 am

WOOOOOW. Excelente y grandioso gran angular !!!!!!!!

Flickr: Miezaa

novembre 15, 2011at 10:48 am

awesome shot 🙂

Flickr: liloalaska

novembre 20, 2011at 12:00 am

Great super wide angle shot..
Fascinating color..
Good shot..

Flickr: Rickard Nilsson

novembre 27, 2011at 1:49 am

This loooks like Venice:P

Flickr: Fmkmkm

novembre 27, 2011at 4:22 pm

you are a master at using the fisheye

Flickr: Giuseppe Sapori

novembre 28, 2011at 6:34 pm

thank you so much 😀

Flickr: Abelmendieta33

agosto 29, 2012at 7:51 pm

This is very cool , nice shot

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