Ara Coeli Basilica

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This is the basilica of Santa Maria in Ara Coeli in Rome. It is located along the side the Vittoriano. The Basilica is preceded by a long series of stairs, the exterior is quite simple, but the inside is very specially worked.

The interior of the Ara Coeli Chuch is constructed of three round-arched naves, is rich in art treasures, among others, in addition to the wooden coffered ceiling and beautiful floor  very well maintained, inside there are also Pinturicchio paintings inside the Cappella Bufalini.

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marzo 18, 2012at 4:53 pm

Amazing shot!!

Flickr: cga60

marzo 18, 2012at 4:48 pm

Magnifique !!

Flickr: M. David "Doc" Nelson

marzo 18, 2012at 4:50 pm


Flickr: margit-luitpold2005

marzo 18, 2012at 6:00 pm

This is a beautiful image!!

Flickr: Y@w

marzo 18, 2012at 6:03 pm

Great !

Flickr: damail D.F.N. 

marzo 18, 2012at 5:04 pm

wow nice picture good job 😉

Flickr: Allyson Correia

marzo 18, 2012at 5:09 pm

Thank you for sharing with The World Through My Eyes

Flickr: dagaspictures

marzo 18, 2012at 5:12 pm

muy buena

Flickr: Flipintex

marzo 18, 2012at 5:17 pm

Wonderful shot and processing!

Flickr: geopalstudio

marzo 18, 2012at 5:28 pm

nice perspective!

Flickr: Stonebridge65

marzo 18, 2012at 5:40 pm

Viewed in Wonderful photos for the world

Flickr: john.perks

marzo 18, 2012at 5:53 pm


Flickr: HiddenTruths

marzo 18, 2012at 5:56 pm

im in awe…… very nice

Flickr: steff808

marzo 18, 2012at 6:04 pm

Molto bella, complimenti !

Flickr: Cisone (Emilio Crea) 79000+

marzo 18, 2012at 7:21 pm

This is amazing

Flickr: CameliaTWU

marzo 18, 2012at 6:45 pm

Please Join Us!

***FAVORITE Natural Colors & Lights!

Flickr: dukemantree

marzo 18, 2012at 7:56 pm

this one really works well! -nice job

Flickr: zsourbanpic

marzo 18, 2012at 8:01 pm

great geometry, perfect work!

Flickr: kristi jo photography

marzo 18, 2012at 9:46 pm

Beautiful shot.

Flickr: Carlossan (Over 160.000 Views) Thanks

marzo 18, 2012at 9:53 pm

Visto su / Seen on : HDR!

on "HDR!" group P1/C3.

Flickr: BradWilke

marzo 18, 2012at 10:48 pm

Your photo screams Photographer !!!
Thank you for sharing with us


Flickr: HDRcustoms

marzo 19, 2012at 6:32 am

magnificent interior shot! stunning clarity

Flickr: picture 4B

marzo 19, 2012at 11:35 am

Visto su / Seen on : HDR!

on "HDR!" group P1/C3.

Flickr: Randy Stiefer

marzo 19, 2012at 10:37 pm

great detail, love it

Flickr: Le Lion 59

marzo 20, 2012at 8:35 pm

Merci pour cette belle photo
Thank you for this beautiful pictureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Flickr: photoaskew2008

marzo 24, 2012at 2:33 pm

THiS iS ReaL aRT

Flickr: saracenocf

aprile 15, 2012at 9:27 pm

Very nice -foto Bellissima…Colori eccezionali….


marzo 22, 2013at 6:28 am

Thank you for the inspiration, its really great!

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