5 Useful Tips to Shoot into Sun Direction

5 Useful Tips to Shoot into Sun Direction

When shooting during sunset, take them into sun direction will make the difference and transform your images, it allows you to enhance the entire balance of light in your frame and make a beautiful look to the image. When I can I always shoot into sun direction but there are few rules that can allows you to make it better. Let’s see how this 5 useful tips to shoot into sun direction that will enhance, with some shrewdness, your sunsets and images

1) Time of Day
:  It is not a news that the best photographs are taken during twilight, sunrise and sunset, these are the best situations for this kind of photos. Is useful in this case to position itself better to create a cool lens flare that is deep but not annoying, the time is all,  for the warmth of the light that and colors of it


2) Bracketed Shots: When shooting into sun direction, the bright gap generated between the direct sunlight and the rest of the scene is very large, have a correctly exposed photos of foreground and the rest of the picture is virtually impossible without compromise. A very good solution that use is to use the bracketed shots, to increase as much as possible the dynamic range of the picture. This will make it possible to have very clear images that could be used in digital blending to lighten the foreground, and very dark images that we will used to darken the sky


3) Blocking the Sun: Take the photo as you normally would but, in some shots, use your hand to block out the sun in the sky. You can  load these layers into into Photoshop and easily merge them using layer masks to correct the problem. This simple trick will allows you to stop much of the stronger light from the sun and recover the exposure where even with the bracketing shots would be difficultblocking

4) Live View:  there was an old rule of photography which warned photographers to not shoot into the sun. Many still believe it, when composing this kind of picture it is annoying as well as hard to look through the camera, using live view to compose will save our eyes form being exposed to the sun and it will make more easier to compose the shot. Always speaking on damages, someone tells that camera sensor will be damaged in the time shooting into the sun direction. If you leave your sensor exposed to the sun for a long time every day there will be some problem, but capturing the sun every now there’s not particularly serious, I take theese kind of shots from many years and I didn’t have any problem


5) Luminosity Masks: Luminosity masks are the best way to make the digital blending of these photos, using luminosity masks can easily merge the images with each other in the areas concerned without this going to affect other parts of the frame, digital blending using luminosity masks it. I have spoken extensively in my articles on this blog, you must point them especially here and here if you’d lost them

These was the 5 Useful Tips to Shoot into Sun Direction, I hope you will take advantage of them. If you take yourself some shots into the sun direction and you have some tips or questions let me know and leave a comment, I’m always happy to hear it from you!

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