1) 5 steps before shooting HDR

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When it comes to HDR photography, a photographer has to consider different  steps before shooting. However, we still need to see the various aspects of light and the image composition. Before taking a photo is very important to think about these elements, the background, the capture of detail and the light avaiable. As mentioned we will see the 5 steps before shooting HDR.

1) Choose the place

This is the most important thing to do when you are going to take a picture, whether is HDR or not. Act as a photographer, wait for the right moment to shoot, and just the right light conditions. If you act in a professional way you will reach professional results.

2) Choose the lens

The choice of lenses is decisive in a photo composition. Different lenses provide different perspectives. Using wide angle lenses in a HDR image, you will be able to capture images with a good Depth of Field (DOF), setting high valours of aperture. Furthermore the choice of wide angle is also the optimal solution for giving a greater sense of width to your photos.

3) Check the Background

A picture is considered as a whole and not in what you can see at first glance. Cover all the elements and start thinking now about how to eliminate or bypass unwanted elements. Be careful distracting subjects or elements can ruin your photograph.

4) Check the light

Light is the main element in a picture, no light, no details, no pictures. Make sure you always have the even amount of light.  See the light and its features, you must pay attention to its direction, the contrast range in the scenes, the quality of the light and the colors. In this way you will be sure  to reach what you see.

5) Check position

Don’t take all your pictures standing straight up. Instead, move your camera and take a walk around what you want to photograph. Move it up and down and backward or forward. Try to create a unique perspective of image for the viewers. The longer you take to explore the subject from different angles, the better off you’ll be at creating an interesting image with it.

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