The Holy House

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Giuseppe Sapori - The holy house


The interior of the Sanctuary of Loreto, the building you see in white behind the candlestick is the famous Holy House. The tradition of the Holy House say that, in 1291, when the Crusaders were expelled permanently from Palestine, the brick walls of the house of the Virgin Mary were transported “for angelic ministry”. What you see depicted in white is nothing more than the outside of the house, inside it is not allowed to take pictures that although it is not so gorgeous, indeed quite simple affects its history and its beaufiful mystical charm.

Taking this photo was not at all easy, in fact many of the tourists, the faithful and pilgrims came out and entered the house as well, I had to do a job of shots of overlap between the pictures that I had taken with fewer people.



Camera: Nikon D-800

Lens: Nikon 14-24mm f/4 (Shot at 15mm)

ISO: 320 at f/4,5

3 Shots (same exposure, used to mask people)

Software: Photoshop CC

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