The beaches of northern Spain are among the most beautiful beaches in Europe, the particular shape of the coast, the currents and tides that characterize it make these places very special to photograph. This is exactly the case of playa de barrika, a beach very influenced by the tide phenomenon, during the low tide, the sea retreats by discovering these rocks from this particular ridge form
That day I took about two hours in this location, the prospect on the rocks with a long exposure was my goal. The main difficult was when the tide began to rise the water, the sea grew more and more to my feet and this destabilized the stand, so I tried to avoid exposing too long for this I stay in the range of 20 seconds in more dry areas using an nd64 filter


I take a single exposure for this shot so my editing this time was not a blending, nevertheless I used the same luminosity masks applied to levels and curves to lighten and darken some parts of the frame. With dodge and burn I lightened some part of the rocks and on the water, than I added details and sharpen using TTS Fast Panel
After a fix of contrast made with luminosity masks applied to curves, I increased the yellow tones to give a warm touch to the picture. At the end I decreased luminosity of the sky and on the rocks using to create a more dark mood


Camera: Nikon D-800
Lens: Nikon 14-24mm f/2,8 (Shot at 17mm)
Single Exposure
ISO: 100 at f/14
Software: Photoshop CC2017
Extensions: TTS Fast Panel