Parish of the XII Holy Apostles

This church is located in Venice in the Cannaregio district. It has high ceilings and is very suggestive. Inside you can find plenty of stone chapels affected by light from the grating tone, giving a very mysterious environment to the parish. This HDR was obtained...

Venice high tide beginnings

The phenomenon of high water in Venice is common in winter and autumn. This photo shows a principe of raising of the water level. Obviously I could shoot this photo with confidence as the water level still rather low. I processed this picture with Photomatix from 3...

Burano houses of colours

I took this picture in Burano, a small island in the Venetian Lagoon. The peculiarity of this island are the houses of rich colors. This picture is from 3 shots HDR edited in Photomatix and in Photoshop to enhance the brightness and the contrast.

Sunset in Open Water

Taken on a boat returning from the Venice Biennale the last days of August. Processed in Photomatix and edited in Photoshop, this HDR is made by one shot only. To learn more about  read my next tutorial Single shot HDR.