My 2017

My 2017

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As final post of the year I will be back of my annual photo composition. This is a photo manipulation obtained with all top elements of my year. In this photo composition every thing, object and person you see has its own meaning, its importance, its memory, a moment that I wanted to remember and keep with special affection in this 2017

Places visited, travels, personal goals and all that was dear to me is pictured here. This is a representation of my 2017, a very personal meaning of this year… but I hope to leave to you the fascination look of the picture that I hope will leave field even for your imagination… enjoy it!

I really hope you will appreciate the work, I always love to ear it from you! I take the opportunity to thank you all for the support on my page and social, I want to wish you all a happy 2018!


My 2013

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Giuseppe Sapori - My 2013

I decided to post this image different from the others cause this year is ending. This is a photo composition of a personal content, I decided to spend a few hours in an image that represent all the most important elements of my year. Although it may seem that it is only an object of fantasy but every element in this picture has a meaning for me, representative of 2013. I will not bore you by explaining the why of each and every item, leave the viewer with the single vision of the end result, hoping that you will appreciate the work.  I take this opportunity to thank you all and wish you happy holidays.

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Hi, my name is Giuseppe Sapori, a professional photographer and author of this website, created by yours truly to show my work and share with you the techniques I use. My expertise is in the field of Landscape Photography... (Read More)

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