My 2018

My 2018

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Here we are my final post of the year, my annual photo composition. This is a photo manipulation obtained with all top elements of this year. In this photo composition every thing, object and person you see has its own meaning, its importance, its memory for me, a moment that I want to remember and keep with special affection in this 2018

This is a personal representation of my 2018, here we have places visited, travels, personal goals and all that was dear to me.  This photo composition has meaning for myself but I like to think that this image is beautiful even for you who look at it

I really hope you will appreciate the work, I always love to ear it from you! I  take the opportunity to thank you all for the support on my page and socials during this year, I want to wish you all a happy 2019!


Star Tree

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Giuseppe Sapori - Star Tree

The Circus Maximus needs no introduction, is an ancient Roman circus used for horse racing and other shows. Today is a giant lawn with the stands.Passing several times over there I realized that the area is quite dark, especially in the middle of the Circus Maxiumus of the lawn there is a very low brightness, so I decided to make an attempt to photograph the stars, trying to believe it is managed well. What you see the beyond the tree you can see the lights of the city and the ancient Roman ruins.


But as I took this photo?

Like all the shots I had to help myselfwith a double exposure and especially with a click using the technique Exposing to the right where it was however necessary a big job of brightness and colors.



Camera: Nikon D-800

Lens: Nikon 14-24mm f/4 (Shot at 15mm)

ISO: 640 at f/5,6

2Exposures balanced + ETTR at ISO 1600

Software: Photoshop CC

The Cotton Hill

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Taken at sunset at Pamukkale in Turkey near Denizli, on the site of Hierapolis. The name that takes the valley is the “Cotton Castle”, made of this white limestone that looks like snow.

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