Illusion of Time – Tre Cime

Illusion of Time – Tre Cime

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I come back after several years to Tre Cime of Lavaredo, an incredible and beautiful place known wordwide. Unlike last time I took the typical shot of the view of the Tre Cime closer to the blue hour

At that time some clouds were also rising that, few minutes later, covered the whole view in white, luckily I was able to capture the last images of the day of the visible peaks before they were covered

I take the shot using the focus stacking technique, focusing first on the small flowers in the foreground, then in the central part and then on the peaks. I taked some shots based on the alternation of the clouds on Tre Cime waiting to capture the shot that would make them visible at best, the result of 9 total photos is what you see in the image


As mentioned I made this shot using focus stacking technique, I made it blending all the shots avaiable captured here, 9 shots with different focus parts included the image used for the peaks. I don’t use digital blending here because I don’t captured bracketed shots, the management of so many shots with different focus and also with different exposure would have created an incredible and not so usefull job to do in post

Therefore I edited the image using only luminosity masks and my panel TTS Pro, as usual we see the main steps of the workflow:

I added details and contrast to the whole frame, I fixed colours, than glow using orton effect . With the help of dodge and burn tool I lightened some darker part of the foreground and on the clouds

I increased the blue tones of the image adding a cold filter applied to highlights than shadows, I also used light bleeding to add some lights to the sky and colours to the clouds

I desaturate selectively some blue tones of the sky and as final step I added a soft dark vignette to the frame


Camera: Nikon D850

Nikon 14-24f/2,8 (used @16mm)

Focus Stacking Serie

ISO: 100 f/14

Software: Photoshop CC2021

Plugin: TTS Pro 2.0


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Sunset at Tre Cime of Lavaredo, I took this photo on the way back from the refuge Locatelli, in a lucky day of October where there was a beautiful and warm weather. This side view is just one of hundreds of pictures I took during sunset and is the result of a vertical stitch between the foreground and the Tre Cime peaks. Since my D-800 was broken and I was with a d90, and thankfully :), I tried to expand the visual field and give more depth to the image, I take 3 bracketed shots for the Tre Cime and 3 for the foreground


This time instead of stitching the images before the digital blending I did it as first thing of the mountains and then of the foreground, only later did I sticth, this is because by doing the stitching before the images alignment was bad. The digital blending of the images was done with luminosity masks launched from my panel that i suggest to download it even if you didn’t

Starting frome the blended image, I applied and worked dodge and burn the mountains and foreground. I intensified the sunset colors using the brush method that you can find in this guide, and launched orton effect to add a glow effect to the photo.

With the help of luminosity masks i added some contrast applying curves to darks 3 masks and changing the blending mode to soft light. Final interventions was adding more details, with high details filter into TTS Fast Panel, a small vignette effect and a bit more contrast using levels



Camera: Nikon D-90

Lens: Nikon 14-24mm f/2,8 (Shot at 14mm)

Four Exposures (-1; 0; +1)

ISO: 100 at f/10

Software: Photoshop CC2017

Extensions: TTS Fast Panel

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