Castiglione del Lago

High dynamic range image of a Sunset on Trasimeno Lake  near Castiglione del Lago, Italy, taken with a tripod on the descent street to the lake. HDR 3 shots created using Photomatix and Topaz Photoshop filters.

Terrace of Light

  Picture taken at the top of the Budapest castle district, which has a particular view of the Hungarian city. HDR made from a single shot and without a tripod. I liked the view of the fisheye with people leaning over to admire the panorama. I followed the steps...

Back home

Image taken in Castiglione del Lago during sunset from a single shot, I liked the light that is reflected on the palms and the lonely car. This is a single exposure HDR, so I have’t used a tripod but I just edited the picture in 3 exposures and edited them with...

Budapest Panorama

HDR Budapest panorama from the royal palace. I made this HDR simply processing the picture with the avaiable filters. The light time that I found would not allow a correct processing of HDR images, in fact, images in bracketing mode would...

Chain Bridge Infinite

Chain Bridge again. HDR 3 shots with tripod on the right side of the bridge. I used Photomatix to process the images and Photoshop to enhance the HDR effect through Topaz filters. To finish I adjusted the lights and colors of the image.