5) How to remove noise in a HDR image

5) How to remove noise in a HDR image

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The noise is one of the biggest problems of HDR. It can happen sometimes that we do not feel satisfied with the work achieved over just because the image is too noisy. Don’t worry about that: the noise is easy to eliminate, as there are several Photoshop plug-ins to do this. Personally I use TopazDenoise. 

TopazDenoise Photoshop plug-in offers the fastest and effective way to reduce heavy reduction noise putting unrivaled quality at your fingertips.

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Lisbon Cathedral inside view

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An inside view of the famous Lisbon Cathedral. I made this HDR by placing the camera on a bench. You can clearly see the part illuminated by artificial light on the right  and the part that is affectedby the natural light that filters through the rose windows.

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