The Valley of Silan

The Valley of Silan

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Here is another waterfall shot coming from the Veneto region, we are in the area around Bassano del Grappa where is this small waterfall in the valley Valrovina. Watching some pictures from the web, it seemed very interesting and so I decided to go to this small resort to take some photos

This spot is a well-maintained tourist trail that leads to this waterfall, the path continues to high following the course of the creek. There are several stones along the river where I set up with my tripod to shot at the waterfall

I wanted to bring in the frame as much as possible the view of the creek behind, which with the light of the trees was really very beautiful. I took the photo with an nd64 filter, taking some lighter exposures to try to light up some very dark rock areas



This shot coming from a blend of 2 exposure, I blend the best take of the waterfall with another overexposed shot, to bring up all the lights around the rocks

Using Dodge and burn was very useless to recover some underexposed part and increse lighting. After a increase of details I launched orton effect to create a soft dreamy effect, I like so much the glow between the trees on the top of the picture

To complete this work I increased yellow colors. As final I fixed contrast using luminosity mask applied to midtones decreasing the darkest parts to avoid to make too under the darken part of the picture

I hope you will find this usefull. I always love to hear this from you



Camera: Nikon D-800

Lens: Nikon 14-24mm f/2,8 (Shot at 24mm)

Two exposure blend

ISO: 100 at f/14

Software: Photoshop CC2017

Extensions: TTS Fast Panel

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