The Photography Bundle

The Photography Bundle

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TTS Pro Panel for Photoshop + Mastering Luminosity Masks Digital Course

The Photography Bundle is a discounted package which allows you to take both TTS Pro Panel and Mastering Luminosity Masks at a discounted price. With the Photography Bundle you can get all my digital products togheder and discover in one time all my worklow, my effects, my secrets having at the same time my powerfull panel on Photoshop

If you need more informations about the single products you can see the sinigle pages dedicated to TTS Pro and to Luminosity Masks Digital Course anyway you can find both products below

Discover more about TTS Pro Panel

TTS Pro Panel is a Photoshop extension that will allows you to create beautiful images using easy digital blending features, many and great enhanments effects and fasten your workflow with many saving options and watermark functions



Discover more about Mastering Luminosity Masks

Trasform your images in beautiful photos learning this techniques

Learn the use of Luminosity Masks and Digital Blending, along the tutorial you will learn using this technique and make your own style to start creating beautiful images. Along the video you will also learn to create your own actions using dodge and burn, orton effect, apply details selectively and color filters

Lifetime Updates – Fast and easy Download –   Installation Instructions Included –  All Languages Compatible

Focus: Mastering Luminosity Masks Digital Course

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My first video tutorial Mastering Luminosity Masks has finally come out, in this article I want to talk to you more in detail about this course, the reasons that led me to create a course on luminosity masks and why this will be an additional element of knowledge to your photography

What is Mastering Luminosity Masks Course

As you will have the opportunity to read and understand also from the page dedicated to the course, mastering luminosity masks is a video tutorial that leads you through the word of luminosity masks

Through the use of luminosity masks it is possible to work images only using Photoshop, taking advantage of an advanced level of selections of highlights, shadows and midtones

Through luminosity masks it is possible to proceed to an advanced level editing, intervening only in the areas of our interests, without affecting those portions of the frame that do not require any process

Furthermore, luminosity masks can be used to proceed through digital blending, that consist in selecting areas of interest and combine multiple exposure to obtain the perfect final image

A Luminosity Mask Course

Luminosity masks are a technique known by all those photographers who want to ask more from photography and want to go deeper in the editing process

This is a fairly used technique and there is many material on the web about it, but from what I could see the free contents on the web, they remains on the first steps of luminosity masks topic leaving the rest to a other researches or paid courses

Although there are very well-done pro courses to luminosity masks topic, but from a personal experience I found many of them too long, sometimes repetitive and expensive

Since many time in my posts and in my tutorials I write about the use of luminosity masks, but I have never focused on creating a course of my own that encompasses everything you need to know in detail in order to proceed alone to mastering luminosity masks and digital blending

In this course I have included everything you need to know to be able to manage this technique on your own, in the simplest way I could. I avoided dwelling on laborious things so I realized a course that captures the essence of luminosity masks. I created this course to allow you to manage this technique independently in the future

The additional element to your Photography

Luminosity Masks are the best technique to create a clean result on your images. Through the use of luminosity masks you will understand the importance of handling highlights, shadows and midtones in your photography

It is an additional element of knowledge for all those photographers who want to do a step forward the common used Photoshop editing techniques

The use of HDR software or Photoshop plugins, simply add filters and effects to the photos but makes images surreal and oversaturated

The step forward is to achieve a personal process of editing and learn capturing the images thinking of what you will do when you work on Photoshop

If you’re wondering how some photographers get beautiful clean and detailed pictures Mastering Luminosity Masks course is what I suggest to you

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