The Heat Company – Best gloves tested in the Field

The Heat Company – Best gloves tested in the Field

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Last year I wrote an article about the importance to keep hands warm and dry when we are shoting landscapes in very cold places. You can find the article here, and the combination I had against the cold during my trip

Also today I will talk about gloves and protection from the cold always thanks to The Heat Company® that gives me the chance to do a new test in the field with a different combination of gloves

The Heat Company®  offers a modular and very versatile gloves system to totally protect your hands from cold and atmospheric agents. The modularity of the gloves is divided into layers, combining them toghether you get total protection from the cold, but using them individually you can benefit of their warm + other features of adherence, brethability and capacitivity for touch screens

I tested out the various combinations of these gloves and in today’s post I will talk about the combiation Liner + Shell

The first layer, called “Liner” is in contact with your hands: this layer guarantees adherence and mobility to the hands as if we were without gloves. In this category I choiced for my latest trip the Polartec Liner

Among the Liner line they are the warmer ones, they are incredibly durable, resistant to the wind and breathable. The Polartec Liner are equipped with conductive fabric on the tip of thumb, index and medium for the control of the touch screens. The gloves are completed by two practical openings external back pocket for hand warmers and straps to pull them down easily

I used Polartec Liner very often during my last trip, I appreciated the good heat transmitted and the elasticity of them, they also have the conductive fingers for screens really excelent!

The second category in this system is composed by “Shell” that represent the layer that protect your hands from the cold to put over the Liner layer. In this category I use this kind of Shell

Incredibly warm, soft and comfortable, the Shell are the ideal protection from the cold to the hands. They are made with insulatic fabric and goat skin on the palm to give more grip to your hands, they are ideal for handling thanks to thumb and flask folded down. The “Shell” are very hot and hydro repellents also here we have an extra pocket to insert the hand warmer inside. Very well thought out the elastic wrist strap useful when you need to take off your gloves quickly without the risk of leaving them lying around

In addition, the Shell can be used in combination with the Polar Hood, which you will find more details in my latest article

The main characteristic of Shell, besides obviously the protection from the cold and the atmospheric agents in general, is what can be opened. Opening a zip located on the palm will allow us to extract the hand (covered by the Liner of course) to have always the hands covered by the cold and at the same time to extract the fingers for greater convenience. The part of the Shell that opens is equipped with a magnet to attach it to the back of the glove in a stable way, a small trick that increases its practicality

During my latest trip on the Alps I found many variations of temperatures from afternoon to evening while I’m shooting. I very often used the Polartec Liner for their practicality and versatility, until a certain time of day to mount my equipment on the snow was the ideal for moving easily and handling my goals.

With the gradual setting of the sun the temperatures were lowering more and more, in those moments it was of great help the use of the Shell that worn over the Polartec Liner gave immediate heat and an efficient protection from the cold

During the shooting phase whenever I needed to have free fingers I proceeded to open the zipper on the palm in order to use the Polartec Liner, this allows to have free fingers to easily interact on the controls of my camera. Without the finger cover the absence of the thermal shield on the fingers offered by the Shell it feels, but it is all gained in terms of practicality, in addition to the fact that more than half of the hand remains covered by Shield

In conclusion The Heat Company® with this combination of gloves, really impressed me with a  really efficient system. The combination Polar Hood + Shell is the warmest and at the same time comfortable solution you can find for take landscape photography on the snow

I appreciated the good quality materials and the manufacture makes it a beautiful products designed in every detail

The modular system between gloves to is ingenious and adapts to any situation in the case of the cold becoming too intense and it certainly represents the strength of this company

The Heat Company®also this time pleasantly impressed me and is my ally number 1 against the cold




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