The Seventeenth century hall

The Seventeenth century hall

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Giuseppe Sapori - the seventeenth century hall

This is the hall of the seventeenth century in the Royal Palace of Naples. The Royal Palace of Naples has been a residence of the Bourbons during the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. What you see represented in this picture is one of the main halls from which you accessed the Hall of Viceroy, inside the main painting is “Il ritorno del figliol prodigo”. Taking this HDR was not simple at all, it was not allowed to use a tripod inside (as often happens in these places), so I had to take this final image from a single exposure keeping in mind the high level of contrast in the room, the low luminosity and the midday sun outside filtering through the windows.


Lens: Sigma Fisheye (10mm f 2,8)

ISO: 100 at f/3,5

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Software: Photoshop

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