The Wings of Destiny

The Wings of Destiny

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Giuseppe Sapori - The wings of Destiny

The passage on the Tevere leading to Castel Sant’Angelo. This is one of the most central places of interest or Rome, I have to admit it was really hard to wait a few moments of tranquility due to the continuous passage of people on the scene. I made extensive use of layer masks to delete people as they pass by using other exposures. I have made three shots to create this HDR that I merged with other exposures.


Lens: Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 (Shot at 14mm)

ISO: 100 at f/2.8

Three Shots (-1;0+1)

Software: Lightroom, Photoshop

Stronghold Moonlight

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Giuseppe Sapori- Moonlight Stronghold

View from a viewpoint of Soriano nel Cimino, town of Tuscia located near Viterbo. From this city I  have some parents, and sometimes I like to get away from Rome to direct these hills distant about 80 km from the city.

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