Milky Way Door

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To make this picture I moved to the central area to have a frontal view of the “door” this time in front of me, the moment of shooting the picture is logically different than my previous post, the milky way was much more displaced and higher. This was not one of my favorites spots that night because the light pollution of the nearby cities that are located a few kilometers away from the location selected for this photo definitely comes on stage

I selected two shots for this image, the first with a darken and the second with brighter foreground, in this way i was able to use the brighter shot to bring up the lights on the ruins and the foreground, I don’t use any blending functions but only luminosity masks to bring up exposures and layer masks to paint the areas in.



I started in Camera Raw setting the exposure, shadows, whites to push up initially the milky way withouting destroy the other part of the picture. I’t really important that in this first phase to not add contrast because it will affect all the following work.

Opened the image in photoshop  I started to  to raise up the milky way using  TTS PRO  I made the main adjustments regarding, color, lights and contrast masking the work done only on the milky way, for this I simply used a layer mask and a brush. With dodge and burn I increased the lights around the rocks on the foreground and I darkend the light pollution coming from the city. Using hue/saturations and the color adjust funcions of  TTS PRO i fixed the colors around the milky way, this time turning it slightly more on blue

Always using my panel this time I applied the noise reduction to the image, reducing the opacity a little bit more, the latest touch whas to add a very soft focus around the milky way using glow funcion, you can find the tutorial here

I really hope you will find this usefull. I love to hear that from you!



Camera: Nikon D-800

Lens: Nikon 14-24mm f/2,8 (Shot at 14mm)

Two Exposures

ISO: 3200 at f/2,8

Software: Photoshop CC2018

Plugin: TTS Pro


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