How to Fix Chromatic Aberrations

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Even when you are sure you have got a good picture you always have to deal with this annoying problem that affects most of the images contrasting between light and shadow. As a matter of fact, chromatic aberration is represented by an annoying edge of Cyan / Magenta around areas with strong contrast.

Chromatic aberrations are never too obvious but they can spoil a picture that until a moment before you thought it perfect. For this reason, in this tutorial I will show you how to fix chromatic aberrations in your images. In order to do this I will show you a strong removal method, using Adobe Lighroom

Open Lighroom and select Develop


Scroll down the the right menu until “lens correction” mode and switch it from manual to “color”.


At this point you just need to click on the flag in order to fix chromatic aberrations and it’s all done, as an alternative you can manually eliminate the imperfection scrolling with the controller the values available: “factor”, “shade/purple” and “shade/green” up to fixing the unwanted effect.


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