HDR Before/After – Vitaleta

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I love the isolated places like this… the choice of the scene in peace to wait for the right moment to shoot. In those moments you think only at the spend of time without worrying about other things as often happens in cities with traffic cars and especially tourists 😀

I made this HDR with  five exposures with a gap of 1 (-2, -1, 0 + 1, +2). Then I merged the images with Photoshop CC with the function “Merge to HDR Pro”. I have to say that I was in doubt whether to use this function or flatten individual as I usually only using layer masks, but for this picture the HDR Pro function was very satisfactory so i kept this version. The rest of the interventions were all made using Camera Raw and masking the effect in the desired areas. I work particularly  in  lights and colors effects, some detail has been added on the buildings and on the turf, as a final touch, I created a small vignette to give more depth to the image.



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