HDR Before/After – The Descent

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Sometimes after trying so many methods of editing HDR you have to surrender to the fact that for some images Photomatix remains without a doubt the best software to work a HDR.This photo is proof of what I say, I tried to work this in different ways, but Photomatix is definitely the software that made this picture in a better way. I took a series of exposures in Villammare, a small city near Sapri in Cilento, from a descent leading down to the beach where there are those rocks that are seen in the foreground. Edited the image in Photomatix as I said the rest has been a shift in color and detail enhancement with Photoshop using a selective removal of the noise.


Lens: Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 (Shot at 14mm)

ISO: 100 at f/8

3 Shots (+2; 0; -2)

Software: Photomatix, Photoshop

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