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This weekend I was in Milan, a very nice and fun cityĀ that I hope to visit again. šŸ™‚
As the first photos of Milan I show you Ā a beautiful church in the district of Brera. The Basilica of San Lorenzo, inside it we find high ceilings and large columns so as to appear a giant mausoleum. Outside instead of the church is located in a plaza with marble and have been recovered from a building of the second century AD.
I got this picture from a single shot HDR,Ā Ā in many churches like this, you can not use a tripod, so I edited the photos directly from the single raw file. I used lightroom to enhance the details and work on the lights. With Topaz Adjust plugin, I increased details and, using layer masks in Photoshop, I adjusted the colors and lights of this picture.

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ottobre 30, 2012at 11:39 am

nice exposure and framing


ottobre 30, 2012at 11:42 am

Beautiful work. Well done.

Greg Antikian

ottobre 30, 2012at 11:43 am

Very nice work !


ottobre 30, 2012at 11:54 am

Great sense of space and superb tones. Nice work!!


ottobre 30, 2012at 12:52 pm

Beautiful composition, love it.;)


ottobre 30, 2012at 2:09 pm

ottimo lavoro!!!

Flickr: Dennis Herzog

ottobre 30, 2012at 1:38 pm

Viewed in Wonderful photos for the world

Flickr: Carlossan Totaly Out I am sorry

ottobre 30, 2012at 1:40 pm

Visto su / Seen on : HDR!

on "HDR!" group P1/C3.

ri_cesco e bettola_

ottobre 30, 2012at 3:26 pm

mi pare di essere sotto la cupola.

Flickr: fiumeazzurro

ottobre 30, 2012at 2:34 pm

This is a V.I.P !!!
Seen in:

"V.I.P – Very Important Photos" (POST 1 – Comment 1 & INVITE 10 CONTACTS)
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Flickr: ri_cesco e bettola_

ottobre 30, 2012at 3:24 pm

This Lovely and Luminescent Photo Was Lavishly Admired In Our Group

Luminosity and Light!


ottobre 31, 2012at 5:31 pm

This is an excellent picture and of such high quality. I love the detail, the light and the atmosphere that you have managed to capture. A very well thought out composition, very well done on a quality picture.

Giuseppe Sapori

novembre 3, 2012at 11:28 am

Thanks so much šŸ˜€

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