Belem Tower

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HDR Photography image from Belém a quarter of Lisbon in Portugal. The Tower of Belém is situated in this area wich is one of the most visit of the Portuguese capital. It was very difficult to find a good compromise between a good panorama view and the movement of tourists near the tower. What do you think can i feel satisfied?

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Flickr: prdsra9

novembre 17, 2011at 8:49 pm

Compliments, I like it

Flickr: pics by paula

novembre 17, 2011at 8:50 pm

Oh wow, AMAZING photography, well done

Flickr: Francisco Curbelo Rodríguez

novembre 17, 2011at 9:02 pm

Magnífica composición y procesado.

Flickr: Martin Kühn

novembre 17, 2011at 9:24 pm

You have done a great job!
I really love this one!

Flickr: Riccardo Brig Casarico

novembre 17, 2011at 9:32 pm

Bellissima !! Complimenti !!!


novembre 17, 2011at 10:58 pm

very nice work


novembre 17, 2011at 10:02 pm

Very good photo
It takes part in this photographic contest, there are good prizes.

Flickr: Artondra Hall

novembre 17, 2011at 10:04 pm

This is beautiful.

Flickr: Margall photography – HDR & other

novembre 17, 2011at 10:25 pm

un bel lavoro in hdr Giuseppe

Flickr: divebob8

novembre 17, 2011at 11:01 pm

Excellent compo.


novembre 18, 2011at 12:12 am

Well done! 😉

Flickr: liloalaska

novembre 18, 2011at 1:31 am

Nice reflection with cloud…

Flickr: J Rutkiewicz

novembre 18, 2011at 5:18 am

Great work.

Flickr: fang99

novembre 18, 2011at 6:14 am

Congratulation ! Brilliantly done.

Flickr: bio84

novembre 18, 2011at 8:11 am

so awesome!

Flickr: Riccardo Brig Casarico

novembre 18, 2011at 2:56 pm

Splendida, composizione ottima !! Complimenti !!
Buon week end, Riccardo.

E-Bike Helmpflicht

novembre 19, 2011at 4:17 am

I gotta favorite this internet web site it seems handy .

Flickr: Captain Kimo – "Traveling Thailand & Cambodia"

novembre 19, 2011at 5:31 am


Flickr: Giuseppe Sapori

novembre 19, 2011at 1:25 pm

[] Thanks Kim

Flickr: Frank Hendriks

novembre 19, 2011at 11:06 pm

Wonderful tones and composition!

Flickr: Jesús Garrido

novembre 19, 2011at 11:23 pm

magnífica amigo, todo un placer visual

Flickr: Krazy Diamond (Be Back Soon)

dicembre 2, 2011at 7:39 pm

Great shot, well processed and great colors as well!!!

Flickr: mikermart

dicembre 3, 2011at 9:58 am

well done, boss! i wish to shoot this someday.

Flickr: MaTRaCH

dicembre 4, 2011at 1:31 pm

very beautiful place and ambient light

Flickr: Mitch Murdock

dicembre 4, 2011at 9:58 pm

The colors in this image are so striking, really beautiful

Flickr: Steban Marquez

dicembre 11, 2011at 5:45 pm

Excellent procesing.

Linda Cochrane

dicembre 19, 2011at 10:14 am

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    Giuseppe Sapori

    dicembre 19, 2011at 9:06 pm

    Thank you Linda, if you are interested you can subscribe to my newsletter… Hope early to be able to send to my readers interesting contents. I will provide for the rss. Thank you.

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